International Forum on Education and Technology (FIET 2014)

Donation for Education and Technology Research Fund


For the first International Forum on Education and Technology we have gathered some of the best researchers and experts from all over the world who are committed to studying the impact of technology on Education. For six months these education and technology professionals have been working to create projects for Catalonia aimed at improving education through the use of Technology. These projects can become a reality if we all join together to help raise the necessary resources. Companies, administrations and individual donors can help to advance research in education aimed at achieving more and better results in the field of applied technology.

Research in education must become one of the fundamental axes of research, because only with the best education can we make the best possible societies. We must ensure universal access to technology to achieve that the all citizens become digitally literate to meet the challenges of the XXI century.

Make your contribution. Choose the area where you would like to contribute. Help us to bring these projects to fruition by making your donation and publicising this initiative.

Together we can make it happen. PLEASE HELP US!!

Thank you!!

Areas where you can contribute:

1. Study and analysis of the impact of Technology on the educational process:

  • How is Technology used in the educational process and how can this be improved?
  • Are we learning more and better?
  • Does the digital society improve the learning process?
  • Do we learn anywhere and at any time?
  • Do technological tools help us to construct more and better-quality knowledge more easily?
  • What kind of training do educators need to become competent users of Technology?

2. The responsible use of Technology:

  • How can ethical codes for the use of Technology in education be introduced?
  • Is the digital society an inclusive one?
  • How can we ensure that everybody has the same right of access to technological resources?

3. Processes involved in the integration and transfer of Science and Technology in Education:

  • What is the impact of the digitization of culture?
  • Can Technology facilitate access to culture for everyone?
  • Cities have become digitized. How does this affect the educational development of their citizens?

Why will your contributions be useful?

  • To design digital literacy programs to help us improve access to technology.
  • To design and develop programs and applications to help groups with special educational requirements.
  • To investigate the educational impact, in terms of improvement of the learning process, of the use of different technological devices and applications.
  • To investigate how to improve teachers digital skills.

How will the contributions be distributed?

The group of experts who participate in the I International Forum on Education and Technology will be responsible to propose a project for each of the three areas where contributions can be made. These projects will be presented in public in December 2014 after all of the I FIET activities have been completed

What tax deductions can you claim if you make a donation?

Tax exemptions (Law 49/2002, of 23rd December 2002)

Individuals: for Spanish income tax purposes, deduction of 25% of the amount of the donation up to the limit established in article 56 of Law 40/1998 on Spanish income tax (IRPF).

Legal entities: for Spanish corporation tax purposes, deduction of 35% of the amount of the donation on the full amount of corporation tax payable. The basis for deduction cannot exceed 10% of the total taxable base.


Make your donation!

To make your donation, please send a bank transfer with your chosen amount, indicating: your full name/your company or fiscal name; your tax identification number; and the reason for the transfer: RESEARCH DONATION IN EDUCATION


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