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Local tourism


Located right in the centre of the Costa Daurada, very close to the main towns on the coast, and well connected to them, Reus is a typical Catalan city, with the Mediterranean touch, well known for its shopping, modernist heritage and its close relationship to the universal Antoni Gaudí, the architect of the Expiatory temple of the Holy Family of Barcelona.

Reus, Gaudí's birthplace, has also conserved the more emblematic sites of the architect's childhood and youth, which you can get to know by taking a stroll along the Gaudí route, as well as a modern interpretation centre, the Gaudí Centre Reus, dedicated exclusively to the life and works of the genius.

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The city of Tarragona is located in the South of Europe and the Northeast of Spain just under 100 kilometers south of Barcelona. The province of Tarragona enjoys a privileged geographic situation on the shores of the Mediterranean and is favored by a moderate climate practically all year round. In the month of June, the average temperature is 23º C. As Lucius Annaeus Florus said, “The climate uniquely blends and blurs all the seasons so there appears to be perpetual springtime all year round.”

The complex of historic Roman monuments in Tarragona were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on November 30, 2000.

But Tarragona is much more than just Roman ruins, it also has a vibrant medieval history, art nouveau buildings, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, a picturesque fishing and marina neighbourhood, protected forest and nature areas, traditions and popular culture.

The abundant Roman ruins of the city of Tarragona are supplemented by several major monuments from its mediaeval past with a rich mediaeval artistic heritage, and best epitomised by the city’s cathedral, which offers outstanding examples of art and architecture from the Middle Ages.

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Altafulla, Cambrils, Salou...

These are just 3 of the small towns that dot the Mediterranean "Costa Daurada". The area is famous for its beaches, weather and outdoor activities all year round.

Restaurants serve local "Km 0" Mediterranean produce including fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, olives, olive oil, cheeses and wines and signature local dishes including Fideuà, paella, graellada, escalivada, tapas, coca amb recapte, pa amb tomaquet, llonganissa, olive oil based side sauces such as salsa romesco, allioli,... desserts including músic, menjablanc, crema Catalana, mel i mató, carquinyolis... and the famous local Vermut.

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