12th International Conference on One-Carbon Metabolism, B Vitamins and Homocysteine


Homocysteine2019 will review the latest findings and future directions in the field of One carbon metabolism, B vitamins and Homocysteine and their involvement in the programming and development of health and disease throughout life. Highlights of the programme are as follows:

 Honorary Presidential lecture

Methionine Synthase: the beating heart in a complex system

Prof. Anne M Molloy, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

 Key note lectures

 How DNA methylation contributes to health and disease

Prof. Manel Esteller, Institut d'Investigació Biomèdica de Bellvitge and Instituto de Investigación contra la Leucemia Josep Carreras, Barcelona, Spain

Metabolomics implicates amino acid metabolism as a key node in cardiometabolic disease pathogenesis

Prof. Chris Newgard, North Carolina, USA

Other features can be seen in the working version the programme that is now available.