4ª Reunión de Técnicos de Difracción y Responsables de Servicios de Difracción

Programm Thursday June 27th

Beyond Standard Diffraction and Crystallization Techniques

10:00  -  Welcome

High Resolution in Single Crystal (sponsored by Rigaku-Paralab)

10:15  -  High Resolution in Single Crystal General Overview, Eduardo Escudero (ICIQ)

11:00  -  High Resolution, Enrique Espinosa (University of Lorraine)

11:45  -  Coffee Break

Pair Distribution Function

12:00  -  Introduction and application to Nanoparticles, Reinhard Neder (Friedrich-Alexander- Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)

12:50  -  PDF Analysis in Laboratory Devices, Marco Sommariva (Malvern-Panalytical)

13:25  -  Joint real space and reciprocal space refinements in TOPAS, Michael Evans (Bruker- AXS)

14:00  -  Lunch (catering sponsored by Malvern-Panalytical)

Electron Diffraction (sponsored by Rigaku-Paralab)

15:15  -  The use of Electron BackScatter Diffraction (EBSD) and Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD), Arantxa Vilalta-Clemente (CNRS ISAE-ENSMA Université de Poitiers)

16:00  -  Electron Diffraction: Crystallographic approach and its applications to organic molecules, Gustavo Santiso-Quiñones (Crystallise! AG, Villingen)

16:45  -  Coffee Break


17:00  -  An overview of the role of the organic matrix in the formation of biogenic crystals, Jaime Gómez (CSIC Granada)

17:40  -  Crystallization with Laser: Single Crystals in situ” for X-ray Diffraction, Jordi Benet (ICIQ)

18:20  -  Closing