13th International Symposium on Knappable Materials


Dear friends and colleagues,

The Organizing Committee is pleased to welcome you to the Rock and Roll: 13th International Symposium on Knappable Materials, that will be held virtually in Tarragona during 4-7th October 2021.

The special theme selected for the 13th ISKM 2021 is Multi-scalar Characterization of Raw Materials. In this edition, we want to focus on research applying several analytical techniques, ranging from macroscopic, petrographic and geo-chemical analysis, for characterizing raw materials from any culture or time period.

Five thematic axes group the 16 final sessions

Theme: Characterization Approaches

  1. Multi-Scalar Approaches to Raw Materials Characterization
  2. Lithoteques and Field Surveys: An Idea-Sharing Session
  3. Spectroscopic Techniques for Raw Material Analysis
  4. Understanding Non-Flint Raw Materials. Characterization and Technological organization

 Theme: Procurement Strategies

  1. Raw Material Procurement Areas and Strategies
  2. Quarries as Extractive and Initial Transformation Contexts of Raw Materials in Prehistoric Times
  3. Re-Thinking the Concept of Embedded Versus Direct Lithic Procurement

Theme: Lithic Technology

  1. Lithic Technology and Evolution
  2. Lithic Technology during Holocene and Historical Times
  3. 3D-Based Approaches to Lithic Tools

Theme: Experimental Knapping and Lithic Taphonomy

  1. Knapping tools and Techniques for Comparative Studies
  2. Use-Wear Analysis: The Same Protocols for Different Materials?
  3. New Methodologies for the study of Prehistoric Tools
  4. Assessing Raw Material Influence on Lithic Artifacts Modifications

Theme: Social Aspects of Stone Tools

  1. Practical, Social and Symbolic Aspects of Stone Raw Materials
  2. The People Behind the Tools


The deadline to submit your papers will be 1st July. The accepted presenters will be notified on 15th July. Due to time constraints, only a limited number of oral presentations will be accepted, and some authors will be offered the option of presenting a poster

The Organizing Committee hopes to see you all ‘here’!

 The 13th ISKM Organizing Committee


We also want to thank the different researchers, authorities and institutions supporting, collaborating, and involved in the organization of the 13th International Symposium on Knappable Materials, despite this pandemic situation