13th International Symposium on Knappable Materials



POSTER AWARD 1st WINNER: Andion Arteaga Brieba. Connecting lithics: refits at Gran Dolina TD10.2

POSTER AWARD 2nd WINNER: Irini Sifogeorgaki. Past and Present: Raw material identification approaches at Umhlatuzana rockshelter, South Africa.

13 ISKM Logo to download

Rock and Roll: 13th International Symposium of Knappable Materials is oncoming, and we are pleased to present the Final Program brochure.

New Available: 4th Circular ISKM2021_Instructions 

The 13th ISKM Organizing Committee is pleased to announce several rewards for STUDENTS aiming at encouraging their participation in this edition:

- 10 free registrations will be raffled among all the Early Bird registered students, that once registered and before the fees payment (1st August), send us an enrolment document attesting their participation in any educational program to 13iskm2021@iphes.cat

The resolution of the grant will be notified before August 6th. Those participants who don’t receive the free registration will have an extended early bird registration until August 15th.

- 2 Student’s Poster Prizes (250€). Selected members of the Scientific Committee will qualify them from 1-10 points. The first authors of the two posters with the highest qualifications will obtain this reward. The enrolment document attesting their participation in any educational program is also required and send it to 13iskm2021@iphes.cat

Those participants in Poster Prizes will have to send their posters 10 days earlier than the deadline (September 30th). Thus, before September 20th.

Please click to the Student Poster Prize Rules

NEW: Deadline for Abstracts Submission is extended until the 15th of July. Notifications of acceptance will be received July 25th.

Payment deadline: 15th September. Accepted proposals should made the payment of the registration fee by bank transfer or credit card through the private area.

We are waiting for your contributions!!

Rock and Roll!