VII International Baekeland Symposium


The Baekeland2019 meeting, with participation of academic and industrial experts, aims to review the last scientific, technical and industrial innovations in the field of high performance thermosetting polymers. The purpose of the meeting is to review the present trends and developments in all types of thermosetting materials and their applications essentially from a R&D point of view. The following topics have been selected:

- Chemistry of thermosetting materials (phenolics, benzoxazine, polyimides, bismaleimides, cyanate ester, phthalonitrile and silicon alkyne, epoxy, acrylates/methacrylates, sol-gel, bio-based materials,…)

- Micro and nano-structured thermosets (organic-organic, organic-inorganic)

- Theory, modelling and simulation (structure-properties relationship, network build-up, molecular dynamics, constitutive behaviour,…)

- Thermosets with enhanced capabilities (vitrimers, self-healing thermosets, covalently adaptable networks, shape-memory and stimuli-responsive materials, fire-retardance, electrical/thermal conductivity…)

- Novel curing processes (dual-curing systems, latent initiators and catalyst, ….)

- Photopolymerization (radical photoinitiators, cationic systems, photolatent bases …)

- Applications of thermosets (composite processing, additive manufacturing, construction industry, aerospace, adhesives, coatings, insulation systems, electric applications….)