In search of climate justice

On the courses

Topic of the 2018 courses: Climate Justice

The course will relate to the broad topic of environmental justice focusing on a specific issue each every year. In its first edition (January 2018), it will explore main issues on climate and environmental justice. The aim is providing students with a comprehensive perspective on climate change from the point of view of justice. With this goal, the course will summarize the evolution of environmental justice into climate justice, responding to the centrality of climate issues in contemporary global politics.

Courses Structure

The program comprises:

• 1 Opening Masterclass by video conference: "Energy Poverty: Justice and Women"

• 1 course x 8 hours:

  • Climate Justice and the North-South Divide

• 3 courses x 6 hours:

  • Strategic Litigation for Climate Justice: an analysis of the most relevant cases
  • Justice Dimensions of Climate Mitigation Efforts
  • Exploring the boundaries of the Trilogy of Justices: Environmental, Climate and Energy
  • • An international conference on climate change

Non-mandatory activities of academic interest will be planned in the mornings, such as seminars, book launches or capacity building activities.


The modules will be delivered by internationally renowned experts in the domain of the topics covered.

Academic Requirements

  • • Educational or professional background in Law or environmental public policies.
  • • Good command of the English language.

Social Programme

We will offer a series of events in and around Tarragona to let participants make the most of their time. Events can include visits to the historical and cultural sites in Tarragona as well as to places of environmental interest.

Tuition Fee

• 350 € (not including the Conference on Climate Change, to be held on 17-19 January)

Tuition fees do not include optional academic and social events






With the support of:


Grupo de investigación Territorio, Ciudadanía y Sostenibilidad
(Grupo de Investigación Consolidado de la Generalitat de Catalunya) (2014-SGR-294)


PROYECTO DER2016-80011-P
“Constitución climática global: Gobernanza y derecho en un contexto complejo”