Climate action and energy transition. Second catalan conference on environmental law


The Catalan Conference on Environmental Law aims to be an open forum for debate and exchange between academia, administrations, economic actors and social organizations, with international participation.

The Conference organized by the Tarragona Centre for Environmental Law Studies of the University Rovira i Virgili with the support of The Ministry of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia, will be held on 15-16 June 2020 at the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the University Rovira i Virgili, in Tarragona.

This second edition, in close collaboration with the Catalan Office for Climate Change, aims to analyse the issue of climate action and energy transition, two issues that are intrinsically linked.

Tackling climate change is one of the major priorities of the international community and is also a priority for Catalan public administrations as it shows the pioneering Law 16/2017, of 1 August 2017, on Climate Change. In this sense, the explanatory memorandum of the Catalan Climate Change law states:

‘The fight against climate change is a great challenge in which the contribution of national and local governments is fundamental insofar as many of the policies to be developed by these government institutions affect the processes that alter the composition of the atmosphere and the capacity to adapt to the impacts’.

In addition to this climate legal framework, another essential piece of energy legislation will soon be added to this. Thus, on 19 November, the Executive Council approved a preliminary report on the draft bill on Catalonia’s energy transition Law, which is now in public consultation. This new legislative aims to establish the legislative principles of Catalan energy policy necessary to meet the objectives established in the Climate Change Law and the National Agreement for the Energy Transition of Catalonia, which set the goal of achieving an energy model based on renewable sources by 2050. In the meantime, the climate emergency situation has led the Government to approve Decree-Law 16/2019 of 26 November on urgent measures for the climate emergency and the promotion of renewable energies, which contains the urgent measures to address climate emergency through an ecological and energy transition that will make it possible to achieve as soon as possible the objectives set out in Law 16/2017 of 1 August on climate change.