VII Catalan Congress of Sociology. 21 - 22 April 2017, Tarragona


Present societies are immersed in an era of deep transformations at the global scale. In this changing and accelerated panorama, sociological imagination -in the Wright Mills sense- becomes fundamental. Sociological theory and research are key elements for the understanding of social processes and for taking a critical eye on our societies. Last years have been characterised by series of unexpected changes and consecutive crisis which pose us new challenges. Catalan society is part of this processes and transformations; and it is not unaware of these changes. On the contrary, Catalan society has constituted a social and political panorama of great interest for the international scientific and social community. Sociology can help to explain, understand and handle the social challenges and questions we are facing to -both globally as locally- using its reflection, method and specialised analysis.

The VII Catalan Congress of Sociology aims becoming a meeting point for researchers working in the different research fields. We invite you to present your current researches and to take part of the subsequent debates and reflections at the congress. If interested, you can send your proposal on questions related to sociological research.